EXOTICGOLD NEWS (25, December 2007)
Dear affilates,

ExoticGold team would like to wish you and your family a Merry Xmas along with our very best wishes and a prosperous 2008. In addition we have a good news for you: starting today we introduced 1$ trials on 5 of our sites. The customers that will choose to join by trial option will get an limited amount of content, usually part one of the video and 25 first pictures of the photo set. If they want to have it all, they can easily upgrade their trial membership to full membership.You can see what customer will get in his first login as a trial member:

Regarding affiliates side of those trials: you can switch that option on and off from your admin panel at ExoticGold site: http://www.exoticgold.com/partners/jpages.cgi

Just select radio button next to the site you want to have trial option for your customers on the join page and click UPDATE. The only site that trials will be shown by default, is www.shemature.com

Those trials likely to have good convertions to become full membership, so we highly recommend you to use that fine tool to give your customer a taste of our exclusive quality sites and make nice profit on your side. If you have any question or comments regarding trials please don't hesitate to contact us:

Sincerely yours,

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